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We have 4 beautiful 'Vollenhovense Bollen' for rent and 1 Tjalk. All very suitable flat-bottomed boats for rental, where you sail yourself and do not need any experience with flat-bottomed sailing. Finding it difficult to make a choice? Please feel free to contact us! We are happy to advise you in your flat-bottomed rental adventure!

Vrouwe Fortuna

The Vollenhovense Bol “Vrouwe Fortuna” is the last purchased boat in the fleet, an 8.10m Bol from 1996! Of course after a design by Gipon and also built in Deil.

Vrouwe Klazina

A beautiful, shiny white Vollenhovense Bol with brown sails that turns heads. She moves gracefully through the water, propelled by the wind or by the 27 hp Craftsman ship diesel (2017).

De Goede Hoop

With her beautiful dark green hull, white cabin and classic brown sails, the flat-bottomed De Goede Hoop is an absolute beauty. She is the first sailing boat ship in the fleet and is powered besides the wind by a Craftsman marine diesel of 27hp (2016).


Hoop op Zegen

This beautiful Tjalk "Hoop op Zegen" is the new addition to our flat-bottomed rental fleet. An excellent traditional, classic flat bottom that was built in 1898 and is in great condition. With a draft of 70 cm, this flat-bottomed boat is extremely suitable for the Frisian lakes and the Wadden Sea!

Jan Steen

With her bright white color, this flat-bottomed boat has an impressive appearance. Beautiful on the outside, complete on the inside. From refrigerator to VHF, from heating to GPS / depth gauge.

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The Vollenhovense Bol was designed in the early 1900s. There was a need for an affordable, seaworthy ship of what was then the Zuiderzee. After all, it could be quite wild at sea, especially at lee shore !

Shipbuilder Kroese built the first Vollenhovense Bol in 1902 on behalf of fisherman Jongman. A sailiing boat with a flat surface but with rounded sides and bows and a round stem, therefore also called a flat bottom. The builder was inspired by both the Botter and the Schokker.

After the Second World War, in 1961, designer J.K. Gipon sketched a Vollenhovense Bol of 8.50 meters that became the first of a whole series of Vollenhovense Bollen, most of which were built by the shipyard Kooijman and De Vries in Deil on de Linge.

Gipon drew the Vollenhovense Bollen in various sizes:

8.10, 8.50, 9.00, 9.30 en 9.75 meters

The 8.10 meter is the smallest and the most manageable and nevertheless has enough accommodation for 4 to 5 people. The 8.50 meters to 9.75 meters Bollen provide more space and comfort, but are also harder to sail.

Our flat-bottomed boats: Jan Steen, De Goede Hoop, Vrouwe Klazina en de Vrouwe Fortuna were also designed by Gipon and built by Kooijman and De Vries. The Vrouwe Fortuna was built in 1996 by Van Rijnsoever, the successor of Kooijman en de Vries. Elegant, spacious ships and very ‘Wadden seaworthy’. Renting a Vollenhovense Bol is like sailing on the Wadden Sea with a jewel.

Someone who has owned an 8.10-meter long Vollenhovense Bol for 8 years, says the following:

“Our ship met all criteria: not too big, easy to handle with 2 people, comfortable interior with headroom and plenty of space for our family of 4. With a sturdy exterior and round shape. The round stern meant we had no problems with incoming waves from behind.”

Vollenhovense Bollen have excellent sailing characteristics, as the results in various competitions have shown.

It owes its excellent sailing qualities to the balanced rigging and good hull shape. The stability curve for a flat-bottomed boat is great and no deep bow-down angles are needed to perform well. In fact, from a 20 degree angle it is advisable to reef the sail. At a larger angle of inclination, you use the wind as leverage instead of propulsion. As a result, safety on board is assured.

Want to read more about Vollenhovense Bollen? Click here. Or what a flat-bottomed sailboat is? Click here.

The Vollenhovense Bol is the most sea-worthy flat-bottomed sailing boat at this length.

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